Tribal Bellydancing in the Phoenix area?

Hi fellow dancers. I just moved to the Phoenix area, and want to get back into practicing American Tribal Style Bellydancing. I'm looking for recommendation of schools in the East Valley area, as I just moved to Tempe. The Phoenix area is a pretty big place, so I would like to find a really good school close to me so I don't have to drive an hour just to dance. If anyone knows of any good schools please let me know!
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Moderators Needed

About ten years or so ago, I was asked if I would help moderate this community. At that point, it was an extremely popular group, and much help was needed in keeping the spam down and in approving new memberships. Since I worked at a call centre and could easily do this between calls, I agreed.

In the past few years, LJ has become something of a ghost town, and past moderators have vanished from LJ until I suspect I'm the last one standing. I have a bustling, busy life, and only check in on LJ every week or so. If you've been following this community, then you're well aware of the shit storm that hit in the past few days.

I have never ever been one to tell people what they can say or think. I have never been one to tell people to stay when they really wanted to leave some place. I am a laissez-faire kind of person. I am aware that this is not an ideal quality for a leader type, and I'm ok with that. However, it seems that more is expected. I am not the person for this. This is as close as you'll see me get to telling you what to do: Calm yourself. We're all people here, we all have feelings and emotions, and we're all deserving of respect.

And so I ask for people to volunteer as co-moderators, and I ask people to be more patient with one another.

Thank you.

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Mods and policies

The profile page for this community is here:
It's worth a look just as a refresher on the basics of online discussion.

The profile currently lists shanmonster and moonjaguar as moderator and co-moderator. If anyone is inclined and able to tag or message them with a helpful request to stop by and take a look around, go for it.

Here's the "Final Word" of the community policies just for handy reference. It's short, sweet, and to the point:
"Be nice, play nice, and for goodness sake, don't flame."

Over to you. :)

Roll call

So...who's still planning on bellydancing even though:

1)You're not of Arab/Turkish/Greek/etc ancestry
2)Your skin is some shade other than tan or olive-toned
3)You were not raised in any of the associated cultures
4)Your family doesn't approve
5)Your religion doesn't approve
6)Your neighbor down the block doesn't approve
7)Your snarky fellow dancer doesn't approve
8)The police don't approve
9)You feel moved to add non-traditional elements, like pop-n-lock and lyrical dance sections
10)Your outfit, and perhaps even your makeup, is not authentic


You don't care whether it's at home, in class, or on stage - you're going to DANCE and no one will stop you.

(This doesn't mean that you won't educate yourself on any and all topics related to dance and its associated just means that you will continue to dance.)
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"I still can’t stand white belly dancers" Follow up to the previous article that I posted

Here's the previous link:

Here's the response from the author. I think she address a lot of rather moronic and defensive comments that people posted in the previous post and on her article about appreciation vs appropriation.

I think people aren't going to like her tone but the substance matters.

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Follow up to the last thread about cultural appropriation.

I decided to make a new post because it has been several days since the last thread started and in internet terms, that's approximately forever.

A lot has been said all around the internet about that article about white bellydancers, and a lot of it has made me cringe so very hard as a white dancer. I have been fortunate in always learning from teachers who explained the history of the dance form and encouraged thoughtfulness in all performance choices to avoid misrepresenting other cultures. I'm also fairly well schooled in postcolonial studies, having written my Honours dissertation in that field. Although I do not entirely agree with it, the article made sense to me, and I have been surprised to see it and the surrounding issues of cultural appropriation so thoroughly misunderstood by so many.

I have found some further reading that might be of interest to this community and that could help to start some new and interesting conversations.

First, some definitions of cultural appropriation for those who would like clarification of the terms: Here and here

Here is an entire blog devoted to discussing this issue and its implications: Decolonize Belly Dance. There is a recent entry with very thorough commentary on the article in question and the response to it here, which I found fascinating and informative.

And a response that I agree with personally in pretty much every respect: My fellow white bellydancers... (warning: there are a few swear words, so if that is a problem for you maybe avoid this one).

Perhaps people could use this thread to discuss some of these articles? Maybe we could have a general discussion of cultural appropriation and Orientalism and related issues? And I'd love to see links to thoughtful pieces about this discussion that other people have found interesting, too.

WAMED 2014 (Australia)

Hi Everyone!

I have sad news. Due to unexpected expenses I won't be able to make it to WAMED this year after all.

But sad news for me is GREAT news for you. I have places in two sold-out workshops and a performer ticket that need a new home. The workshops are Farida's Original Milayah il Laff and New Cairo Shaabi with Liza Laziza. The performer ticket is for Temple of Hathor. I also have a melaya prop for sale if you want one to go with the workshop. If you want the lot including the melaya (and postage) I'm asking $160. For individual things, email me at raqs[dot]riverine[at]gmail[dot]com. I'm not sure how to break up the workshops, but I'm sure it's possible.

Best wishes and many happy shimmies,